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Kapha Tea (100gms)

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  • According to ayurvedic science, every bodily function is governed by three intelligences, traditionally called Doshas. These three intelligences are also responsible for our unique make up or body type. To keep our bodily functions and body type in balance, we have developed this range of healing infusions. The Kapha intelligence is responsible for all fluid in the body so controls functions like lymphatic flow and lubrication in the joints and lungs. When out of balance, it can be lead to such problems as sluggish digestion, oedema, and congestion in the lungs and sinus. Taking 2-3 cups of Kapha tea day during the day helps keep the body in balance.  

    Directions – Add ½ teaspoon (2.5gms) to a glass of hot water. Leave for 3 minutes. Strain and drink while hot. (Optional: Add some honey to sweeten but only after the water is warm). You can also use this blend to make your own Chai, adding 1 teaspoon (5gms) to 1 cup of boiling water and adding ½ cup of milk and sugar to taste. 

    Ingredients: Shankhapushpi, Holy basil, Malabar nut, Ginger, Black cardamom  

    Quantity - 100gms

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This has been one of the most beautiful, fulfilling and insightful journeys of my life. Experiencing Panchakarma has brought me back from darkness and despair to clarity and peace.

Nora Erosa (Nambucca Heads, Australia) Panchakarma Treatment

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