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Kitchari (500gms)

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  • Kitchari is a traditional recipe used in Ayurveda to treat convalescing patients, especially those suffering from gut problems such as IBS, Chron’s or colitis.

    It is one of most nourishing and easily digestible foods available and acts to de-toxify and rejuvenate our bodies.

    The Prana Chit label supplies a range of pre-packed ingredients that can be cooked according to ayurvedic principles to make a nourishing and easily digestible meal.

    Ingredients: Basmati Rice, Mung Dahl, pre-packed spice mix

    Price: $8.00 incGST         


My second experience of this wonderful healing experience. This experience was at a deeper level and has left me feeling wonderfully light, relaxed and energetic, I feel grateful that we have this wonderful treatment available here in Auckland. Bless you in your wonderful work.

Beverley Enders (Auckland, NZ) Panchakarma Treatment

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