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  • Description A combination of the best ayurvedic herbs known for their action to support healthy kidney function and treat all urinary tract problems.
    Active Ingredients Herbs such as Shilajeet (Purified Asphaltum), Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) and Yavakshara (Hordeum vulgare) have been used for centuries by ayurvedic practitioners for their effective diuretic effect to treat such conditions as kidney stones, urinary tract infection, dysuria, and kidney dysfunction.
    Indications Useful in the treatment of:
    • Kidney stones;
    • Urinary tract infection;
    • Dysuria;
    • Kidney dysfunction.
    How to use 1.5gms mixed with honey, followed by a cup of warm water, twice a day or as directed by your practitioner.
    Ingredients Per 1.5 gms:Crataeva nurvala 400mgs, Tribulus terrestris, Bergenia ligulata 300mgs each, Hyoscyamus niger, Boerhaavia diffusa. Hordeum vulgare 120mgs each, Elettaria cardamomum, Coriandrum sativum 50mgs each, Asphaltum 40mgs
    Quantity 100gms

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Even though Dr Ajit recommended me to complete a Panchakarma program it took me a few years to get there. Finally I made it. I am really thankful for Dr Ajit preparing a well structured 10 day program for me during our stay at the centre. We were amazed by the professional kind and gentle ways of the therapists. My sincere thanks to you all. Our accommodation needs were well looked after and we really enjoyed the stay in the quiet and peaceful environment.

Enoka (Wellington, NZ) Panchakarma Treatment

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