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We provide this free service to all those who are keen to know how Ayurveda can help them but are unable to make a full commitment to the Path to Health™ programme or are unsure whether this ancient healing science actually works.

Once you provide the necessary information you will receive a brief Ayurvedic programme structured by Dr. Ajit that is designed to inhibit the accumulation of toxins in the body and assist in their elimination.

If you follow the programme you will see a noticeable improvement in your health & wellbeing that may encourage you to make a deeper commitment to Ayurveda through our Path to Health™ programme.

You can also receive monthly advice on various aspects of Ayurveda through our e-newsletter.

Please answer the questions below in as much detail as you are able. Please ignore any questions which do not seem pertinent. However, the more information you provide will help Dr. Ajit assess your condition correctly.

Once you have filled out the online consultation form, you will receive some preliminary diet & lifestyle recommendations to start incorporating into your daily life.

You can get more comprehensive & detailed advice from Dr Ajit by joining our Path to Health™ programme.  He will provide a detailed programme, covering all the aspects of your health concerns.

All information provided is totally confidential & not disclosed to any third parties.
Before you begin we recommend you take the Know Your Body type test to establish your constitution.

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I arrived feeling unwell, stressed, lethargic and despondent. Now after completing Panchakarma I feel rejuvenated, confident, inspired, energised and free in spirit. I will be back. God bless you all abundantly at Planet Ayurveda.

Anna Stehr (Brisbane, Australia) Panchakarma Treatment

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