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Prana Chit Pure Ghee (300gms)

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    Ghee (Clarified butter) is one of the most complete cooking mediums. Used for centuries by ayurvedic experts, Ghee is one of the most balanced fats that has a balance of saturated and un-saturated fats that are required by the human body and mind as well as 3.7% linoleic acid, best known as an anti-cancer agent.
    Ghee is only oil that helps to enkindle the digestive fire, hence most suitable to be used as cooking material as compared to any other oil, as every other oil will dampen the digestive fire when food is cooked in the stomach.
    Try at home.
    Take one tablespoon of your best oil (either coconut, extra virgin olive oil, rice bran or vegetable oil) and add on burning fire of your stove. See what happens – fire will go out. Now put one tablespoon of ghee on the same fire and see what happens – fire will enkindle. Same happens in our bodies when food is cooked with Ghee. It will help improve your digestion and metabolic fire.
    But to achieve the best result it is very important the Ghee is prepared in traditional way. Prana Chit Pure Ghee is prepared only by following traditional ayurvedic method, hence is much better in its quality than any other Ghee.
    Clarified butter

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Dear Dr Ajit, Leanne and Vivek, my third cleanse with you has been most rewarding. The love and care you have shown has made me feel very special. I offer my humblest gratitude to the creator for allowing me to share in this experience. Many many thanks.

John Nash (Auckland, NZ) Panchakarma Treatment

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